The MSPforum’s overarching objective is to empower a new generation of planners, sectors, businesses and civil society to identify solutions and commit to cross-sectoral actions to conserve our ocean and use its resources in a sustainable way.

One of the actions of the joint MSProadmap adopted by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission (DG MARE) is to establish an international forum for discussion and exchange, offering concrete examples and guidelines on how to apply Maritime/Marine Spatial Planning: the MSPforum.

Six workshops will be organized in different regions, from 2018 to 2020, having as target audiences:

> Policy makers and practitioners engaged in MSP

> Local and regional authorities engaged in the planning and management of the land-sea interface

> NGOs addressing marine protection

> Maritime sectors and industry stakeholders dealing with planning and spatial use

> Academics engaged in MSP and/or the Blue Economy

The MSPforum will cover mainly the following topics:

> Cross-sector integration in MSP

> Sector-specific aspects

> MSP for Blue Economy / Assessment of future uses

> Indicators and measurements for MSP

> Taking into account the land-sea interface in MSP

> Applying the ecosystem-based approach

> Cross-border / transboundary cooperation

> Stakeholder involvement

> Data for MSP

The MSPforum timeline:

1st edition: Brussels

May 2018
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2nd edition: La Réunion

March 2019
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3rd edition: Vigo

May 2019
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4th edition: Riga

November 2019
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5th edition: Athens