The pilot project in the Southeast Pacific is being implemented mainly in a specific cross-border area named Gulf of Guayaquil (Ecuador/Peru), while training activities will benefit all the member states of the Plan of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment and Coastal Areas of the Permanent Commission for the South Pacific (CPPS): Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.

The region shows important advances in coastal management, although with a different level of progress. However, implementation of MSP processes is still incipient, with specific exercises in the framework of projects and other non-institutionalized temporary initiatives.

Main objectives

> Develop the pre-planning phase of MSP in the Gulf of Guayaquil

> Strengthen the institutional coordination towards the adoption of a regional roadmap

> Reinforce institutional capacities

Desired outcomes

> Binational recommendations for cross-border MSP and Sustainable Blue Economy in the Gulf of Guayaquil

> Roadmap for transboundary MSP and Sustainable Blue Economy in the Southeast Pacific


Technical reports

With the aim to assist its beneficiary countries in developing approaches, tools and actions at regional level to contribute to a coherent ecosystem-based MSP process, MSPglobal has launched two technical reports on current and potential future conditions in the area covered by its pilot project in the Gulf of Guayaquil.

Technical Report on Current Conditions and Compatibility of Maritime Uses in the Gulf of Guayaquil

(IOC Technical Series, 161, 2021)

Technical Report on Future Conditions and Scenarios for MSP and Sustainable Blue Economy Opportunities in the Gulf of Guayaquil

(IOC Technical Series, 163, 2021)

Storytelling tool

Based on the spatial analysis of existing conditions and the identification of possible alternative outcomes (scenarios) within the Gulf of Guayaquil, MSPglobal has developed a multilingual storytelling tool for the pilot project area. The objective is to present the data and information in a simplified and interactive way, and as such to turn complex concepts into notions easily understood by a wide audience.

It is an additional product to support binational mechanisms between Ecuador and Peru to promote cross-border MSP and Sustainable Blue Economy initiatives in the region.

To access the storytelling tool, please click on the image below.


Southeast Pacific Roadmap on Marine Spatial Planning and Sustainable Blue Economy

Building on capacity development activities to foster knowledge exchange and dialogue, the MSPglobal Initiative guided its beneficiary countries towards the formulation of recommendations on transboundary MSP and Sustainable Blue Economy in the Southeast Pacific.

It is crucial to note that the set of recommendations below in no way represents a fixed list arranged in order of priority. Rather, it must be understood that the different thematic blocks are all interlinked and stand at the same level of importance.