26-29 March 2019

La Réunion, France

In parallel to the Blue Economy Week organized by the region of Réunion Island, France, over 50 participants from more than 20 nationalities engaged with local stakeholders and exchanged good practices on the management and protection of marine space during the second edition of the International Forum for Maritime/Marine Spatial Planning between 26-29 March 2019.

Activities included:

> Three plenaries on “MSP in the Indian Ocean”, “Sector-specific aspects with local stakeholders” and “Sustainable Blue Economy”

> Three technical workshops on “Land-sea interaction/ICZM”, “Sectors” and “Links with Blue Economy”

> Full day for outreach during which participants met and interviewed local stakeholders in order to better understand their needs, concerns, synergies, etc.

To read in more details about the MSPforum in La Réunion, click here.