MSPglobal pilot projects: New storytelling tool offers interactive analysis of current and future conditions

Building on the spatial analysis of existing conditions and the identification of alternative futures for the Western Mediterranean and the Gulf of Guayaquil (Southeast Pacific), MSPglobal has developed a multilingual storytelling tool for its two pilot projects.

The public is invited to discover the status of current activities, pressures, conflicts and compatibilities as well as proposed scenarios based on the recently launched MSPglobal technical reports.

The layers related to various types of habitats and uses can be selected or hidden depending on the content the user wishes to focus on.

Western Mediterranean:

The pilot project in the Western Mediterranean is being implemented in seven countries – Algeria, France, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia – an area that encompasses diverse coastal and marine ecosystems. In fact, it hosts the highest rate of the Mediterranean’s well-documented forms of life (87%) and many emblematic species of particular conservation interest. However, various environment-use and use-use conflicts threaten this rich biodiversity, such as aquaculture vs. marine protected areas or maritime traffic vs. conservation of cetaceans.

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Southeast Pacific:

The pilot project in the Southeast Pacific covers a total marine area of about 39,000 km2 in the Gulf of Guayaquil between Ecuador and Peru and seeks to support binational initiatives of social, economic and environmental importance. The gulf is the largest estuary on the Pacific coast of South America, with a mixture of marine and fluvial environment and most notably mangroves. In the absence of proper multi-sectoral and cross-border planning, conflicts such as fisheries vs. maritime transport or tourism vs. oil and gas are growing.

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The aim of this tool is to present the data and information collected on the Western Mediterranean and Gulf of Guayaquil in a simplified and interactive way in order to turn complex concepts into notions easily understood by a wide audience.

It is one of many products prepared by MSPglobal to promote transboundary MSP initiatives and raise awareness about the need for dialogue and cooperation for the development of a Sustainable Blue Economy, both in its pilot project areas and worldwide.

MSPglobal pilot project in the Southeast Pacific
MSPglobal pilot project in the West Mediterranean