Country information

Basic facts on marine waters
  • Territorial sea (12 nm zone): 50,957 km²
  • Exclusive Economic Zone: 1,660,456 km²
  • Extended continental shelf: 2,400,000 km²

Overview of MSP related maritime uses

Current main uses:

Offshore renewable energy Shipping
Ports Nature conservation
Fisheries Aquaculture
Military Scientific research
Coastal protection Ammunition storage sites
Cables and pipelines Tourism and leisure

Which marine spatial plans exist?

Legal framework

The MSP process was approved by parliamentary law. Subsequently, the Portuguese government developed specific legislation for its implementation:

  • In April 2014, Law No. 17/2014 settled the basis of spatial planning and management policy for all the Portuguese maritime space, including the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles
  • Decree-Law no. 38/2015, published on 12 March 2015 (updated by Decree-Law No.139/2015), established the format and applicability of the maritime spatial plan and transposed to national law the European Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning (Directive 2014/89/EU)


Directorate General for Maritime Policy

Ms. Conceição Santos – Deputy Director General for Maritime Policy

Av. Dr. Alfredo Magalhães Ramalho, N.6
1495-006 Lisbon, Portugal

Last updated: June 2020
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