Overview of MSP related maritime uses

Current main uses:

Offshore renewable energy Shipping
Ports Nature conservation
Fisheries Coastal protection
Cables and pipelines Scientific research
Underwater cultural heritage Tourism and leisure

Which marine spatial plans exist?

Legal framework

  • Twenty-year National Strategy 2018-2037, 8 October 2018
  • National Reform Plan on Natural Resources and Environment, 6 April 2018
  • Twelfth National Economic and Social Development Plan (2017-2021)/Strategy 4: Eco-Friendly Development and Growth of Economy and Society, 25 December 2016
  • Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act, 1992
  • Marine and Coastal Resources Promotion Management Act, B.E. 2558, 2015


Department of Marine and Coastal Resources

Mr. Ronawon Boonprakob – Director of the Sub-Division for Marine Protected Area Management

Chaeng Watthana Government Complex
120 Chaengwattana Rd., Laksi
Bangkok, Thailand

Last updated: May 2020
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