Country information

Basic facts on marine waters
  • Territorial sea (12 nm zone): N/A
  • Exclusive Economic Zone: approximately 1,200,000 km²
  • Coastline: 3,500 km
National practices
  • National Strategy for Sustainable Development
  • National Coastal Plan
  • Regional coastal schemes (in progress)
  • Institutionalization of the National Commission for Integrated Coastal Management
  • Ongoing institutionalization of the Regional Commissions for Integrated Coastal Management
  • Decree N° 2.18.722 on fisheries development and management plans (2019)
  • Decrees on fisheries and coastal resources management plans
  • Decrees on Marine Protected Areas
  • Decrees on artificial reefs
  • Department of Maritime Fisheries

Overview of MSP related maritime uses

Current main uses:

Offshore renewable energy Oil and gas
Ports Shipping
Fisheries Aquaculture
Cables and pipelines Scientific research
Nature conservation Tourism and leisure
Underwater cultural heritage Coastal protection

Which marine spatial plans exist?

Legal framework

Morocco has no legislation on MSP; however, Law 81-12 related to the coastline (promulgated in 2015) aims to establish the principles and fundamental rules of sustainable integrated management of the coastline for its protection, development and conservation.

In accordance with the provisions of this law, the National Coastal Plan covers the 12 nautical miles in addition to the land side and engages all stakeholders to be involved in spatial maritime planning.


There is no one entity dedicated for MSP; however, there are entities and departments, each specialized in a particular component and whose missions complement each other. Synergies between these entities take place both horizontally and vertically.

Last updated: June 2020
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