Which marine spatial plans exist?

The Maritime Spatial Plan for Internal Waters, Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Latvia (MSP 2030) was adopted by the Latvian Government in May 2019, under the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers n° 232 (21 May 2019). Two years since its adoption, the work to revise the plan is ongoing.

The Marine Plan 2030 defines the country’s priorities for the use of maritime space and is the first long-term national document for marine use. Its aim is to achieve an efficient and sustainable use of marine space, reconciling the interests of different sectors. The plan provides a balanced and comprehensive view of the future use of the marine space and provides a framework for cooperation for the simultaneous use of marine space.

Legal framework

The legal basis for MSP in Latvia is the Spatial Development Law 2011, which defines the requirement for MSP, prescribes the necessary secondary legislation and sets the deadline for beginning the process (1 January 2014).

In 2012, the Latvian Government approved Regulation 740 on the Development, Implementation and Monitoring of a Maritime Spatial Plan; this sets out the content and development process for the Latvian MSP, as well as its implementation and monitoring procedures. It stipulates that the MSP Plan must be submitted for approval by the Government’s Cabinet of Ministers.


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