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Basic facts on marine waters
  • Territorial sea (6 nm zone): approximately 92,095 km2
  • As a result of a bilateral agreement signed in Athens on 9 June 2020, Greece and Italy delimitated their maritime zones, including their future Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) on the basis of a former bilateral agreement (24 May 1977) concerning delimitation of their continental shelves. The 2020 agreement reconfirmed, in principle, the 1977 agreement, but also stated that both countries recognize the relevant provisions of UNCLOS signed five years later on 10 December 1982
  • With a bilateral agreement signed in Cairo on 6 August 2020, Egypt and Greece partially delimited their EEZs without having signed a previous continental shelf agreement
  • An agreement on the delimitation of maritime zones between Greece and Albania has been signed but has not yet entered into force

Which marine spatial plans exist?

There is currently no legally binding national marine spatial plan in Greece; however, MSP related issues are addressed in “Special Frameworks for Spatial Planning” (terrestrial spatial plans – TS plans) covering specific economic sectors. Sectoral plans have been elaborated so far for aquaculture (2011, to be revised), tourism (under finalization) and industry (2009, to be revised), which include spatial planning guidelines for the land-based, coastal and marine segments of each sector. The Special Framework for Renewable Energy Sources (2008, new study under finalization) sets the strategic guidelines for offshore wind parks.

Legal framework

Law n° 4546 (GG 101/A/12-June-2018) transposes the EU MSP Directive (2014/89) into the Greek legal system and Law n° 4759/2020 (GG 245/Α/9-12-2020) amending the previous one through Chapter 2.

According to the provisions of the Law n° 4546/2018, MSP is to be subject to consultation with sectoral ministries, regional authorities and the public. It is also to be subject to an opinion/advice from the National Spatial Planning Council.


Ministry of the Environment and Energy

Mr. Nicolaos Tagaras – Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy in charge of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment

Athens, Greece


Ministry of the Environment and Energy
General Secretariat of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment

Mr. Dr. Efthimios Bakogiannis – Secretary General

Athens, Greece


Ministry of the Environment and Energy
Directorate General of Spatial Planning

Ms. Georgia Kotini – Director General

Mr. Dr. Georgios Manouris – Director


Ministry of the Environment and Energy
Department of National Spatial Planning Strategy

Ms. Evgenia Lagiou – Head of Department

Ms. Elena Lalou

Ms. Anna Spyropoulou

Last updated: May 2021
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