Overview of MSP related maritime uses

Current main uses:

Offshore renewable energy Shipping
Ports Oil and gas
Mining Military
Fisheries Nature conservation
Scientific research Coastal protection
Cables and pipelines Tourism and leisure
Underwater cultural heritage Radars
Dredging, dumping, disposal Bunkering
Desalination Reclamation
Hydrographic surveys Maritime safety and security

Which marine spatial plans exist?

Legal framework

In place:

  • National Park and Nature Conservancy Act (1969)
  • Fisheries Act (2014)
  • Protected Areas Act (2012)
  • Environment Protection Act (2016)
  • Maritime Zones Act (1999; 2012)
  • Wild Animals and Birds Protection Act (1991)
  • Harbour Act (1932)
  • Petroleum Mining (Pollution and Control) Act (1976)
  • Minerals Act (1962)
  • Merchant Shipping Act (1992; 2012)

Under development:

  • Fisheries Act (2014) – revision
  • Nature Reserves and Conservancy Bill 2020 – draft (revision of the National Park and Nature Conservancy Act, 1969)
  • Maritime Zones Act


Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change

Mr. Alain de Comarmond – Principal Secretary, Environment

Botanical Garden, Mont Fleuri
Victoria, Seychelles

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