The State of Victoria

The Australian state of Victoria has about 2,500 km of coastline and about 10,000 km2 of marine waters. The Victorian government is committed to strengthening its marine and coastal management system to ensure it coastal and marine environment is protected into the future. The marine and coastal environment of Victoria is threatened by the long-term challenges of climate change and population growth. Ageing coastal protection structures make it difficult to protect coastal communities and support them to adapt to climate change.

In consultation with communities and experts, a broad package of reforms has been developed by the Victorian government, including a new Marine and Coastal Bill. A key improvement to the current system will be to identify and deal with cross-cutting issues facing the various marine sectors and the marine environment.

The reforms are outlined in a document, Strengthening Victoria’s Marine and Coastal Management – proposed Transition PlanDevelopment of a Marine Spatial Planning Framework is identified as an action (2.2) in the plan. The proposed Transition Plan is expected to be finalised in 2018 once the Bill has been considered by Parliament.

Updates will be posted on this website as MSP activities in Australia develop.

Last updated: August 2018
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