Country information

Basic facts on marine waters
  • Territorial sea (12 nm zone): 26,623.85 km2 (13,739.59 km2 in the Caribbean and 12,884.26 km2 in the Pacific)
  • Exclusive Economic Zone: 209,779.01 km2 (98,692.53 km2 in the Caribbean and 111,086.48 km2 in the Pacific)
National practices

Overview of MSP related maritime uses

Current main uses:

Shipping Ports
Military Mining
Fisheries Aquaculture
Cables and pipelines Scientific research
Nature conservation Tourism and leisure
Underwater cultural heritage Coastal protection

Which marine spatial plans exist?

Legal framework

Executive Decree 431/2018 which created the Commission for the Formulation, Development and Monitoring of the National Ocean Policy.

A National Commission for the Oceans, composed of different institutions, has been created to create and implement the Policy where MSP is dictated as a methodology and planning tool for the management of our oceans.

For the time being, the mandate to implement the MSP methodology is given to the Ministry of Environment.


Ministry of Environment

Mr. José Julio Casas – National Director of Coasts and Seas


Last updated: December 2021
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